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Although the initial focus of CLBHF was on generating funds to conduct medical research into the cause and treatment of brain haemorrhage it soon became apparent that there was a vast and unfulfilled need for a support mechanism for survivors, for the carers, friends and families of survivors, and for the unfortunate families of those who did not survive the condition.


Survivors can experience a range of physical issues including mobility, sensory, speech and nausea problems. Of equal concern are the unseen mental health issues. Most survivors experience some degree of cognitive problems, emotional disturbance, anxiety, lack of self esteem and confidence.


How we help our members:

§       We provide ‘drop in sessions’ for Brain Haemorrhage survivors and their family/carers, via a self help group

§       We operate day trips

§       We have a weekly luncheon/social club

§       We provide information leaflets as well a signposting and advocacy service.

§       We provide a friendly ear and a shoulder to cry on.

§       We carry out a home visiting service if needed.

§       We raise awareness of the issues around brain haemorrhage

§       We lobby statutory health and welfare organisations such as the PCT when/where necessary

§       We fundraise through social and recreational events.

§       We have raised money to fund a research studentship considering the effects of brain haemorrhage on the survivor, families and carers


                                                           The  Clarke Lister

      Brain Haemorrhage Foundation


0191 5869239


Registration number: 1079845

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